Where are all these shirts from? Our Shirts are from all over the world but most of our shirts like the Negative and Gildan Brands are from all over the U.S

What do I do if I receive a faulty item?   We check all our Merchandise before we ship them out but their may be times that one slips through, in which case we will of coarse exchange the item for you after checking that it is a manufacturing fault and provide reimbursement for the return cost back to us.

Can you get a certain design that I really want?   We try our best to get in as many designs and products as we can but we are always looking for more so if there is a design you think is popular, we can look into getting it but keep in mind, we will need to get a lot of the same in many sizes so unless we believe a lot of people will want it, we can't order it in. Please send us a photo or a link to our email address at contact@blackwave.com.au

Will the designs come off in the wash?

Simple answer is No. All our shirts are genuine and are screen printed 

but in order to sell our shirts for such a low price, which most of our shirts are wholesale prices, we need to order tens of thousands at a time, it may take many months for any   

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