Is it necessary for me to register an account in order to buy from Blackwave?
No. However by creating an account during the purchasing process you will have 3 things made so much easier for yourself:
  • - keeping track of your order's delivery status
  • - changing or canceling the order
  • - using your previous purchase history to become eligible for a Loyal Customer's discount
Which shipping providers do you use?

We use Australia Post Registered Tracking for all of our orders.


How long it will take to ship?
All of our order are shipped out from Sydney either from Ryde, 2112 Postcode or from Sydney City, 2000.
Do you offer any kind of discounts?
Yes, we currently offer free shipping for any orders with two or more Shirts, Hoodie, Long Sleeves or 3/4 Shirts. 
We also currently have a 15% discount on the whole order when buying 4 or more
Do you accept orders from all 50 US states?

Normally we do but not at this time due to the pandemic and the unreliability of the international postal services. We will make international orders available as soon as it becomes more reliable. 

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